American Legion Post 211

Greetings from Executive Boardas of 1/12/21
Thanks to all members that participated in the cleanup party on Saturday, January 2nd 2021;
as a Post, we can’t get it done without the support of you volunteers.
As most of you know the post and canteen have been closed due to Covid-19; however,
as of January 8th, the post and canteen are open. 
We hope you notice the County Commissioners and State grant monies that have gone into deep clean the kitchen
and canteen areas; providing restroom touchless sink faucets, towel, and soap dispensers
and two stationary hand sanitizers and a spray sanitizer for your protection.
Again, your help is still needed to improve the post cleanliness so,
we will keep you all informed when your volunteer efforts are needed. 
We pray that your post recovers from this period of uncertainty and closure to return to a vibrant
and reliable meeting place for our Veteran community.
Executive Board - Avon Lake American Legion Post 211 

Since our charter in 1928, American Legion Post 211 has been welcoming VETERANS from all branches of our Armed Forces.
Today, we continue to welcome all military personnel serving our country.


Operation Resumed as of January 8th, rules; hours, offering:

Get involved in post organizations by attending monthy meetings.

Nominations for Post Executive Board at February and March meetings.

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January '21

Post 211 Clean-up before re-opening (help needed), Jan 2nd @ 10AM

Post 211 EXE Board Meeting, Jan 6th @ 6PM

Post 211 Vet Members Meeting, Jan 6th @ 7PM

S.A.L. Members Meeting, Jan 6th @ 8PM

Post 211 Re-opens for business, Jan 8th @ 1PM

Post 211 AL Riders Meeting, Jan 10th @ 1PM

Auxiliary Members Meeting, Jan 11th @ 7PM

Every Friday - Ordering Pizzas to sell by the slice at Canteen

February '21

Post 211 EXE Board Meeting, Feb 3rd @ 6PM

Post 211 Vet Members Meeting, Feb 3rd @ 7PM

S.A.L. Members Meeting, Feb 3rd @ 8PM

Valetines Day (Special ???), Feb 14th @ 1PM

Post 211 AL Riders Meeting, Feb 14th @ 1PM

Auxiliary Members Meeting, Feb 15th @ 7PM

Fat Tuesday (Special ???), Feb 16th @ 1PM

Every Friday - Ordering Pizzas to sell by the slice at Canteen

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